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Updated: Apr 22

How many plans do you make throughout the week? Maybe its plans to meet your friends for dinner or you have plans to attend a concert. Of course there’s always the imaginary plans we have so that we don’t have to be part of someone else’s plans.

I have never done that myself but I have heard of people doing that (fingers crossed). Actually, I may have planned out a plan that someone could use as their plan in order to stay clear of the plans that a family member or friend was planning me to be part of.

Make sense? If you think about it, we throw the word “plan” around all the time on everyday life situations. What about the procrastinator planner? The oddity of that person is that he or she is a planner of epic proportions.

The problem? They don’t really get anything done? They plan everything around how they are going to avoid any type of accomplishment (actually as I write this I am in complete awe of that). They are the planning kings and queens of the non-existent.

What about the fall through plans guy (it’s always a guy)? You know, the one who shows up at the last minute and says “hey my plans fell through so I’m able to go now!” Thanks guy, now I have to tell the person who took your spot that he needs to go make new plans. Probably the most known planner and typically the most annoying of all is the vacation planner.

Dear Mr. Vacation Planner, let me get this straight, you work all year (unless you haven’t planned to get a job) to take a well earned planned break. But the planned break is actually completely planned out each day from 8 am to 8 pm so you don’t miss anything but the actual vacation itself!

Who in the hell wants to be on a scheduled plan while on vacation? In full disclosure, I’m that guy and have no excuses other then I like to plan out my plan well in advance of anyone else’s plans.

Seriously though, a plan is more or less a road map that is supposed to help you get from point a to point b. Some of the best plans fail but the experiences lead to better plans and twice the success down the road.

I wonder though, why do so many of us not plan for stuff that actually will help us? Sure vacation can be needed for your sanity but is there more important things we tell ourselves that we will plan at a later date (we talked about that person up above)?

Lets talk about the most played commercial that talks about the planning you should be doing in your life. That being the popular “save your money and plan” commercial that plays just enough times to make you feel guilty. You know the ones, they start of by showing you how "easy" it is to be a millionaire by 50.

Makes total sense to actually plan for you financial future doesn't it? That way you don't have to work until your 70 (unless your the overachiever). Yet how many of us actually are following the message of those commercials and implementing a plan to keep us financially stable? I would dare to say a very small percentage.

Saving your money is one thing but actually being able to spend it is a whole different type of planning. How many people work their asses off to save their money but don’t take care of themselves health wise? The reality is that we should be planning out are fitness savings just as much as are financial savings.

What does "Fitness Savings" mean? That is the savings that involves taking care of your health for the long term. Have you ever thought about the similarities between working out and saving you’re money?

Working out takes patience, so does saving your money. Working out requires discipline, so does saving your money. Working out gives you a foundation to enjoy life longer, so does saving your money. Working out over time starts to improve your ability to help others, so does saving your money.

Working out prepares you for other health issues, so does saving your money. Working out allows you to buy new clothes, so does saving your money. Working out shows you monthly gains, so does saving your money. Isn’t it weird how connected those two concepts are? Here’s where they separate though, some people wait around for a free financial inheritance. You are never going to get a fitness inheritance that you didn’t work for.

I can’t leave you any money but I can help you save money, but more importantly I can help you save and protect your health. My proposal? You find a workout plan that makes things simple to understand, shows a good return on investment (we use ROI in fitness as well) and doesn't require you to workout out for more then 30 minutes in any one workout.

That plan shows you what equipment you need (little to start out with), where to get the equipment (always just order workout equipment online), where to do the workouts (from your home, that’s the future) and most importantly shows you how to do the workouts.

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