Are you using Resistance Bands as your fitness tool of choice yet? If not not, I am hear to tell you that you need to make them your fitness future. The opportunities that resistance bands offer are vast and wide. Some of the common things I like to talk about include easy to use, light weight, travel friendly, store anywhere, can be used inside or outside, in a bedroom or basement and offer a ton of punch when used correctly. 

Did you also know that there are several forms of resistance bands? From the resistance band tube to the resistance band loop to the superband there are an abundance of exercise options with resistance bands. The best part? They can be used by anyone. From men to women to beginners to advanced, they just work with everyone. 

My brand of choice is the SPRI brand because they are simply the most durable, reliable and affordable on the market. I have the same set since day one I my resistance bands act as a total gym right from my home. Better yet, a mobile gym that I can take wherever I want which eliminates fitness barriers. 


Below you will find several SPRI resistance band reviews to help you have a better understanding of which SPRI resistance bands does what. The bottom line is that SPRI resistance bands are the best, and you deserve a set! Make sure to join the Fitness Made Easy email list and get a 15% SPRI discount! 


Here's to staying fitness motivated and destroying your next resistance band workout!

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Beginner Workout Plan

Resistance Bands

This workout plan includes the biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders and legs!

We will email you the video plan (plus some BONUS stuff included) and you will have your next resistance band  workout at your fingertips.